The original routes

The "hypothetical original routes" would probably be a better title for this page since the tracks here proposed were derived from assembled data. As mentioned earlier in other pages of this site, the following tracks were mainly obtained from old IGM maps where several stretches of the tratturo were unfortunately missing already. The most wanting stretches are the initial (in Abruzzo) and the final ones (in Puglia). The missing information was integrated in both cases with the aid of satellite photos. Indeed, the long "snake" of the tratturo can still be recognised from the satellite despite a large part of it being alienated to private property. In some areas (actually not many, luckily) definite directions simply could not be found, so I obtained the track by seeking reasonable solutions. The way out of Sulmona, for example, represents one of these cases.

Obviously, the tracks here proposed are no longer accessible: they were simply used as the starting point for the synthesis of the GPS routes used in my journey, which were obtained by seeking trails or roads which did not deviate too much from the original tratturo... In any case, I had to improvise once I got there!

Tratturo Celano - Foggia (220 km)

Tratturo Celano - Foggia is well indicated on the IGM maps. Clear directions are missing in the segment between Collarmele and Goriano Sicoli, but the orography does not allows doubts. The same happens between Goriano Sicoli and Raiano. The exit from Sulmona is not indicated on the maps and, because of the urbanization, it is cannot be devised from the satellites images as well, so that the route is simply indicated as... a sequence of linear segments up to Pettorano sul Gizio. The segment in Molise is well indicated on the maps, while in Puglia missing parts are easily identifiable from the satellites images.

Tratturo Castel di Sangro - Lucera (128.5 km)

Tratturo Castel di Sangro - Lucera is the shortest among the five main tratturos, but it is also the best documented and preserved. The IGM maps cover it almost completely, so any doubts about its route are minimal. Similarly, satellite images clearly show its almost entire shape.

Tratturo Pescasseroli - Candela (211 km)

Tratturo Pescasseroli - Candela is the most southern among the tratturos. Many segments are still easily identifiable, while the memory of others is lost. Several segments have been reused for building roads.