... and then?

From here on, the tracks proposed are purely theoretical, so take them as a suggestion for the preparation of your journey. I will follow them myself if I have the chance to try the experience along the tratturo again. As I have already pointed out, current satellite images are very clear, so there should be minimal hitches. Accommodation should be available in all the places where I planned the end of a leg.

From Pietrabbondante to Salcito

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There should not be any particular problem in this leg. A paved road close to the path runs parallel to it and can be used to bypass any points which are blocked by vegetation. Since the leg is short, one can spend part of the morning visiting the Roman amphitheatre that is to be found along the way.

From Salcito to Castelbottaccio

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Neither should this leg pose particular problems, apart from having to cross a few small fords. Once again, in many places a paved road runs parallel to the tratturo.

From Castelbottaccio to Ripabottoni

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The tratturo can still be followed along easy cart tracks. The Biferno river imposes a detour from the original route to reach a bridge.

From Ripabottoni to Santa Croce di Magliano

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In this case too, nothing to report apart from some small fords to be crossed.

From Santa Croce di Magliano to Castelnuovo della Daunia

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From Santa Croce di Magliano the Tratturo enters the Tavoliere delle Puglie (Apulia Plateau), passing north of Lucera. However, there is no accommodation along the original route (or, at least, I did not find any), so I thought of an alternative route passing through Castelnuovo della Daunia. I wish to highlight passing by the Badia di S. Elena in the morning. After the river Fortore, I indicated a route based on some farm tracks which may pose problems. Do be careful.

From Castelnuovo della Daunia to Lucera

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At last we descend towards the Tavoliere delle Puglie. As far as possible, I tried to plan a route based on cart tracks.

From Lucera to Foggia




Finally back on the tratturo. However, the journey from Lucera to Foggia does not seem to be particularly exciting. The tratturo is mostly covered by the SS17 road or by the railway, so it is necessary to zig-zag through the fields. Once again, I tried to avoid paved roads whenever possible.