Tratturo Celano - Foggia

Tratturo Celano - Foggia

Clck per allargare

The next pages contain the diary of a journey I made along the Celano-Foggia tratturo in August 2013. As mentioned in the preface, it does not report technical notes but rather personal considerations. Each page proposes both the GPS tracks I acquired along the way, and the links to alternative paths I would follow if I were to repeat the experience. As the reader will notice, in a few cases the detours are quite significant but usually they are minimal: they are imposed by the vegetation, which no longer allows passing in some places. GPS tracks also contain information about water sources.

The data used for the organization of the journey were extrapolated from several sources: IGM maps, Google maps, OpenStreetMap maps, etc.. Other useful information was obtained from the following sites that I would like to mention (although other sites can surely be found now):

Unfortunately, the following guide was unavailable when I organized my hike:

S. Gregg, B. Petriccione, "Regio Tratturo Celano-Foggia - Trekking", SER Publishing Research, (120 pages)

It talks about a similar journey which took place in 2012 from Foggia to Celano: the support of such a guide would have me saved a lot of time for the preparation of my journey! I think it is a volume worth suggesting because of the information it contains. It is not only useful for the organization of the trail, but it also contains a lot of historical considerations on transhumance. Reading the guide afterwards reminded me of this first walk in the footsteps of the ancient shepherds.

The comparison of the two trips (i.e. my own and the one of Gregg and Petriccione) proves that the situation may change from year to year, depending on the maintenance of the tratturo... or, most likely, on the season. Gregg and Petriccione, who made their journey in spring, managed to go through places that I found completely blocked by brambles in August of the following year. This is to say that the situation one might find could be different, for better or for worse. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find alternatives to overcome obstacles, and any walker who is prepared for the unexpected should be able to travel safely along the tratturo, from the beginning to the end ... and it's worth it.

The photos in this page were taken the day before setting off from Celano, and show some corner of the village that are worth visiting. Among other interesting places, I would like to mention Piccolomini Castle, which overlooks the village, and the Gorano gorge, a long canyon just outside the village whose walls, at some points, are 200 meters high.

Enjoy the reading.

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