Walking... along the "tratturo"

Walking... along the "tratturo"

The description of the paths is divided into stages whose length depends essentially on the accommodation available.

As already mentioned, the site essentially contains the transcript of my travel diaries so there is no detailed information concerning directions, but these can be extrapolated directly from the GPS tracks provided. Three types of tracks are proposed:

  • The first type is the ones obtained during the journey and includes the water sources available. Do bear in mind that they are unofficial routes, often unmarked, so trekkers must always be prepared to look for alternatives: stretches which did not cause me any problems might be closed, while others that I found blocked might have been reopened. Some signs with indications of the tratturos can be found in Molise. They were placed on site some years ago thanks to European funds. Unfortunately, these signs were clearly not thought of by trekkers: the ‘flag signs’ (you will understand what they are from the pictures) are often placed in positions where they are useless and are missing where they would be indispensable. Since most of them are made of wood, they have almost been destroyed by ageing; moreover, they often lead to paths which are inaccessible because of the vegetation. In several cases I got myself into trouble because of these indications.
  • The second type of tracks, collected in the page "If I were to do it again...", suggests alternative trails which I would follow to avoid the difficulties I encountered in my previous journey or to stay closer to the original route of the tratturo. Such tracks are not fully verified, and some stretches may be impassable: do be careful when following them as you may encounter difficulties!
  • The last type of tracks, collected in "The original routes" page, are provided for reference only: the original routes of the tratturos were deduced from the old maps, and in most cases are no longer viable.

A collection of photos is proposed for each day: they can be expanded by double clicking on them and a slideshow can be launched too.

That said, I’ll let my travel stories do the talking. Have fun!


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